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            1.   Disciplines

                   XATU covers eight disciplines in Engineering, Science, Management Science, Economics, Science of Law, Literature, Education and Arts, with 3 Doctoral degree granting disciplines, 14 Masters’ degree granting disciplines with more than 60 master’s degree programs, 13 masters’ degree in engineering authorized domain, 1 MBA granting discipline, and 55 undergraduate majors.

                   Disciplines for Doctorate (PH.D.) and Postdoctoral research bases

              Optical Engineering

              Mechanical Engineering

              Materials Science and Technology

                  Disciplines for bachelor and master degree 


              B. D.

              M. D.

              Optoelectronic Engineering

              1. Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation

              2. Optic Information Science and Technology

              3. Electronics Science and Technology (optoelectronic Technology)

              1.       Optical Engineering

              2.       Instrument Science and Technology

              Mechatronic Engineering

              1. Machine Design & Manufacture and its Automation

              2. Industrial Engineering

              3. Packaging Engineering

              4. Industrial Design

              5. Mechatronic engineering

              Mechanical Engineering

              Materials Science & Chemical Engineering

              1.       Metal Materials Engineering

              2.       Macromolecule Material and Engineering

              3.       Environmental Engineering

              4.       Material Chemistry

              5.       Material Physics

              Material Science and Technology

              Electronic Information Engineering

              1.       Automation

              2.       Electronic Information

              3.       Electronic Information Science and Technology

              4.       Telecommunication Engineering

              5.       Electronic Engineering and its Automation

              6.       Biomedical Engineering


              Control Science and Engineering


              Economics and Management

              1.       Human Resource Management

              2.       Accounting

              3.       Marketing

              4.       Information Management and Information System

              5.       Economics

              6.       International Economy and Trade

              7.       Public Service Management

              1.       Applied economics

              2.       Management Science and Engineering

              3.       Business Administration

              Computer Science and Engineering

              1.          Computer Science and Technology

              2.          Software Engineering

              3.          Internet Engineering

              4.          Detection, Guidance and Control Technology

              5.          Information Counter Technology

              6.          Internet of Things Engineering

              1.            Computer Science and Technology

              2.            Armament Science and Technology

              3.            Software Engineering

              Civil Engineering

              1.       Civil Engineering

              2.       Water Supply and Sewage Engineering

              3.       Urban Planning

              Civil Engineering


              Foreign Languages Studies

              1.       English

              2.       Japanese

              Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

              Humanities and  Arts

              1.          Chinese Language and Literature

              2.          Advertisement

              3.          Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

              4.          Science of Law



              1.       Information and Computer Science

              2.       Applied Physics

              3.       Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


              Physical Education

              1.       Social Sports Guidance and Management

              2.       Physical Education


              Design Arts and Communication

              1.       Visual Communication Design

              2.       Environment Design

              3.       Product Design

              4.       Art of Calligraphy

              5.       Animation




              Marxist Theory



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